Friday, August 31, 2007

pocket sized

I had a new idea to make groups of things. So I came up with some new pocket stuffies.

Playtesting to see how they look in realistic hands. They need to be a little bit taller or the "hands" need to be thinner and placed a little higher. I'm still super happy with the puppy. The kitty is like my little pocket hanging/clip stuffies I made a year ago and had the most sales of. I might have to make more this autumn. And maybe some other colors of kitties. Or puppies.

I have a huge stash of this very stiff curtain material. I don't even know where the curtains are anymore, but I'd washed this extra and threw it on the ironing board. Weeks later, I got around to ironing it and the wrinkles won't come out. I might have to rewet and lightly dry, then immediately iron out the wrinkles. But in the end, this material might best be used for wallet-type or zipper pouches. I'd call it medium-weight cotton almost bordering on shirting twill. I don't think it's a true twill, though.

Here are my basic pocket stuffies made from fleece with felt arms. I doubled the arms and made them a little longer, but I think if I just use the wool felt and made them smaller, they'd look better.

I now need to figure out what to do with my hoard of cheap acrylic felt so I can buy more wool felt. Anyone want some cheap felt for school or craft projects? If not, I might end up donating it to our preschool. Or something. I doubt anyone would actually buy the bulk off etsy...

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