Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How Not to Make Pouches

Because I can't follow tutorials or directions very well (I have to make up my own because I've got a rock for a head), I always have to reinvent the wheel.

Also, a lot of the tutorials I used as reference never give final measurements. They'll say to cut out fabric 8"x5", but then they don't say what the final pouch measures. And that makes me crazy because I keep looking at the tutes thinking, "But what's the final size? Can I fit my cards in them? Are they bigger than regular biz cards or credit cards?" And since I'm no good with numbers I can't figure out how to maximize a smaller size to fit my own needs. Urgh.

Which brings me to the lovely set of pouches you see.

These are too small to fit either a credit card or a business card. The blue flowered pouch will hold lip balm or coins or anything smaller than a credit card, so it's not a total loss. The yellow dot card case is too small to fit anything, so I didn't bother with closures. When I measured, it seemed to be the right measurements. Ugh.

And these are the size I want, but have other problems. I forgot to put on hook n' eye tabs for closure on the purple one, so had to glue them. They're working for now, but I don't think they'll last very long after real world use. The green w/purple dots is also great, but then I screwed up sewing the lining in and didn't face the interior with the sewn hook n' eye tab the correct way. So the tab is on the inside of the pouch. Ooops. And finally, the pink pouch is wrong side out (I meant for the dots to be on the exterior, but it's not all bad) and there's no interfacing, so it's rather floppy. But still would work for change or lipbalm or something that doesn't require stiffness.

What I have learned: instead of going my own way, just follow someone else's tutorial. /bonk own head

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