Friday, August 03, 2007

card case

Trying to incorporate my stuffie designs into other things, so tried to make a business card/credit card case. Lots of tutorials out there on and on plenty of other blogs. I made a couple before--even gave one to a friend for xmas. I just forgot to write down the dimensions, so always had to start from scratch.

This time, after tweaking and reworking some patterns, I finally settled on a method that works for me. Of course, I'm reinventing the wheel, but a) I don't have very good pinking shears (mine are good quality, but I think they need to be oiled at the hinge or sharpened or something. They just don't open and close smoothly) as suggested in this tutorial and b) I want to cut as few pieces as possible to minimize getting the wrong size. I really should make a cardboard template so that I can just trace around it on the fabric.

This is the two pocket style. I can also make a one pocket (or more of a pouch style for other things than cards if some is happy with their wallet or their own nifty case) and will mock up one of those next to see how the hook n' eye tape works. I have snaps, I have elastic cord and plenty of buttons. So many options for closures. And I might just have to embroider more designs on the cases themselves and try to keep them flatter.

I also ordered some more wool felt. I plan on using the acrylic/poly felt for prototypes and toys for my son. Quick and easy stuff. :)

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Aimee said...

I really like this idea! Have you experimented with smaller sizes of velcro but more of them? I'm seeing a matching collection of wallet, coin purse, card holder, checkbook holder, and possibly other accessories all in the same pattern!