Tuesday, June 26, 2007

They're not Transformers...

...but I thought I'd make some more stuffie 'bots.

I'm hoping to make a few more in different colors, then work on some new stuffie ideas, then put them in the shop. If I have time today, I'll upload these guys and add the tote bags I've been noodling on. I've got a lot of ideas, but I need to find a way to sew faster. It took me a really long time to cut, pin, sew, stuff, close holes on just two of these guys. How do these other makers manage to crank out so many so quickly in such quantity?

Friday, June 22, 2007


So I was all set to try my hand at a zippered coin pouch. I cut material, got a zipper, then realized why I have a stash of zippers... I don't have a zipper foot for my machine. I tried to attach a zipper without the special foot, but oh, the gnashing of teeth and pulling of seams. I will not attempt that again.

I just have to make sure I get a zipper foot attachment the next time I go somewhere that sells those sorts of things. I have the cheap Kenmore blue machine, so it's about as basic as you can get and still have a backstitch and a buttonhole feature.

I made a couple of totebags. I'm not sure anyone would buy them. In fact, I'm never sure anyone will buy anything of mine, and so I don't put anything into the shop. I really need to get to marketing myself even though half my stuff is trial and error and by the time I've figured it out, I've lost interested in the original intent.

And now I'm waiting to see if it will actually rain or not. I need to get out and plant some seedlings.