Tuesday, September 04, 2007

frog friend

I finally got around to making some pet friends out of the small amount of wool felt I own. I made two frogs--one out of the acrylic felt for N--and a kitty. I still have to make a puppy. And then it will be making the other funny things I'd sketched out. But now I need other colors of felt... and I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more fabric until I sold something. Which I haven't.

So I can make more black or brown cats, a few more frogs, maybe some purple somethings... I think I might even have white (so I can make a few black/white or brown/white animals).

And I need to get around to making some other stuff and putting them up in the shop, which has been languishing. Need to put up new stuff.


kawaii crafter said...

your softies are adorable. I love the elephant pouch too.


jenni said...