Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some lovely things

Kup Kup is a maker of really neat dolls and pictures out of fabric and embellishments. I love her style and the stories behind her creations. The couple below are Jeff and Alice and can be found at the Kup Kup etsy shop.

I love the quirkiness about Kup Kup and the really unexpected stories written about them. The attention to detail, the tiny beads and the general feeling of whimsy all make for unique items. Don't forget to check out the pincushions and the pins!

Another plush maker, Sukisukishop, is new to etsy. I like the expressions on their super cute toys.

And in other news, I've joined the Etsy Plush Team!

Some really talented plush makers on this team! What does it mean to be on a team? Promotion, promotion, promotion. And lots more stuffie challenges. I need to do a self-portrait and a Plush Team mascot, which I woke up this morning thinking about. This will be tough because I don't make "realistic" creatures at all, but should be fun because it can be anything. No one said a "self-portrait" had to be a person-like doll. Mwhahaaha! I guess this is what they used to call "thinking outside the box". Me, I just call it "due to the limitations of my sewing and un-pattern-making skillz, I need to think of something representative."

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Relentless said...

I'm a-swoonin' here --- such awesome things!