Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Second zip pouch

I finally got around to buying a zipper foot for my really basic sewing machine.

So I decided to take some Gap baby clothes and turn them into a zippered pouch.

I sewed too close to the zipper here, so had to rip out seams and start over. Working with this stretchy material was challenging after working with cotton. It's like working with the fleece and it just means I have to pin a lot more and go super slow.

But, I finished!

I bought a couple more baby pjs on sale and plan on making some more pouches. I might sew the stretchy material to some light interfacing with my zigzag stitch before doing this again. OR I just won't line the pouches and sew the zip to a turned-in edge. I have more material to work with, so more trial to come.

Annnnnd of course I forgot to add a tag to the side. eep. But I think I might use a ribbon/bead thing for the zipper pull. I could attempt to carve a stamp in the likeness of the cats, stamp on some leftover shrinky dink sheet and then attach... but ribbon and bead seems like the way to go. I could do the shrinky dink zip pull for something that needs more embellishment. The kitty material doesn't really scream for more embelishment.

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joojoo191 said...

i really want tht!! can i buy it??