Monday, July 16, 2007

memo board

My attempt at one of those fabric covered memo boards.

Amy Butler quarter flat, some polka dot ribbon, and a canvas. The staple gun I had is heavy duty and super difficult for me to use. I needed both hands to squeeze the "trigger", which meant my careful placement always shifted.

So fighting with the staple gun meant I wasn't paying attention to the basketweave pattern of the ribbon. Half the ribbon is just laying on top of the bottom layer instead of woven in between. Then I ran out of ribbon, so had to go back to the store to get more just to finish the thing. The back looks like a disastor. Why does it always look so much nicer when someone else does it?

I had the tiny silver brads and bought the larger ones just for this project. I'm still meh about the whole thing. It makes a pretty good place for business cards, though. So maybe it will become my biz card holder. Not so good for larger bits. Even my 3x5 cards seem too big. I have another canvas and a lot of material, so I may or may not make another one.

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Relentless said...

Sigh :) Amy Butler fabric :) Sigh :)