Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm lame

I'm in an apparent creative slump. I made a few things for gifts--one being a cute kitty stuffie complete with removable apron (think of the robot "pattern" but with a kitty head). I was pretty pleased with it, but I forgot to take a photo of it.

I also made some cards for birthdays and didn't scan them either. :(

But I have been looking at blogs and flickr photo sets and seeing things in new ways. I'm also thinking more of the stuffies and how to make them out of a *gasp* pattern. A loose pattern, that is, nothing as complicated as some of them. I just have to sketch something out on paper and cut to size.

I'm also a little stuck with the card designs. All the stuff my eye goes to nowaday is graphic design. I am trying to figure out what to do about that. I love a lot of the scrapbook printed papers, but don't have any ideas how to incorporate the stamps with them. I might just go ahead and use the papers by themselves and see what happens. Still pondering the idea of putting papers into frames for art-on-wall which I'm lacking.

I think, mostly, I'm a little bummed about the lack of sales in the etsy shop. I don't advertize anywhere and I'm not really that productive to warrant it. I'm still in that class of crafter who makes more than I need but not enough to really be retailed (like f2f outdoor markets in the summer). People like my creations, but they're not flocking to them, which is to be expected. Etsy is nearly overrun by the type of things I make (not to mention the fab stuff I just noodle with, like beaded jewelry and handbags!).

So, some photos, soon, I hope.

In other news, planted tomatoes and peas in our wee garden, but it has been rainy, grayish, and generally unsunny for the last couple of weeks. I have some basil, cilantro, and parsley on our deck, and am afraid the cilantro will go bust. So, I'm keeping an eye on it. At least the mint I transplanted from the garden to beneath a window seems to have survived the transplant and is growing.

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