Friday, September 22, 2006

photo box

I've heard this called a light box, which isn't the same as the thing you put transparencies over to trace (box on worktop with light shining up through whatever it is you're looking at), but Jim and I made it with foam core, duck tape, duct tape, and lights from Home Depot.

It's huge. I will either add in another "shelf" or put a crate inside and a piece of foam core on top to bring the items up closer to the top light. Or, we could cut off about 10" from the top and bring the light down. It's foam core, so not really a huge loss if I muck it up.

This will help me tremendously when I'm eyeball deep into the PacNW gray winter. (PS, that's the small pumpkin stuffie I haven't yet put up in the shop. She's very anxious for her closeup!)

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