Monday, September 25, 2006

kitties and ghosts, oh my

Look! Pocket stuffies with clasps!

Look! You can attach to a bag!

I also finally figured out how to balance the contrast... I changed the camera setting from Auto to Indoor, which instantly made the white background go from a warm to a cool, so that helped. And then I got some black posterboard and added a third light to the left side for more depth. But then, after awhile, I stopped using the second light on the right, which seemed to wash it all out, so *shrug*, it's all good now. I'm happy with the way the photos came out, but I still think I might have to return the one lamp to Home Despot and get the smaller one. Or just use a less wide shade. Or maybe diffuse the light altogether.

Gosh, who knew this thing would take so many other skills besides cutting and sewing material?

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Lyndsay said...


I love these! So stinkin' cute.