Thursday, August 17, 2006

pocket stuffies

The mini versions of the stuffies are multiplying. I seem to go through an evening flurry of pocket-stuffy-making, and then my son squirrels them away. Of course, I also hand them to him and we have them go off on adventures in the shoe-car or the pumpkin ride... or we use them to torture daddy.

I'm wondering if anyone would want to pay money for them--would they be nice as pins? I guess I could always make a few with less stuffing and throw them up in the shop. I think they'd make super cute gift toppers or attached to zipper pulls on book bags.

They seem to like to travel around in pockets and have their own little adventures.

1 comment:

Lyndsay said...

Gah! So cute! They would totally be cute as gift toppers. Maybe too big for pins, but it's hard to tell from a photo.

Lily would dig them just as they are though!