Tuesday, November 28, 2006

trial and error

An experiment with making a more "doll" like stuffie formed organically as I sewed. I had an idea to add snaps or velcro to the robot's arms after I finished sewing, and since I didn't want to rip seams, I just left them long. This was difficult to sew because both the arms and legs created too much bulk in the body--the one arm shifted too low and the other needed to be a little higher.

I like the head attached to the body, but that was actually backwards--the right-side of the fabric is actually on the inside, now.

So, I will try another robot, but I'm going to experiment with the pattern a bit. Afterall, this robot won't be leaving the house any time soon--it has become N's favorite stuffie. (And he does have preferences for my stuffies; some he's very attached to--like the Halloween experiment he's tucked away somewhere--and some he just doesn't care about.)

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