Wednesday, August 13, 2008

stuffie making

renegade gang
Here's the Renegade gang. Making stuff like crazy. More on the table, I just have to cut out more fleece.

My local JoAnn's has closed and the pricier craft store was out of safety eyes. So I may have to drive to the super JoAnn's, which is next door to the Michael's craft store. But I really ought to buy these safety eyes in bulk... or go back to using buttons as eyes. I like the flat expressions the safety eyes gives, though--I think it fits better with my simple shapes and candy colors.

In other news, I've started making a pop-up cards for all the friends' kids' birthdays.
pop-up card
I added a tag with a brad on the red part to help them find the "pull" for the pop up. I've made a couple of these--July was a hot month for birthdays--and only took one picture. *sigh* I really need to be better about documenting these things so I can remember what I did, who I did it for, and which stamp/color combo I used. I also made a slide card for another kidlet birthday, and also forgot to snap a picture. You'd never know I have a dedicated corner for snapping pictures, would you. Ha!

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